R&D and Technical Innovation

Technology is “the engine that drives the company forward”. Upholding the belief of “fulfilling the communication needs of the future”, Accelink has increased R&D investment and built a state-recognized enterprise technical center, two provincial engineering technical Research centers, a key national laboratory of optical fiber communication technology and network (active optical device/passive component integration research department) and a provincial innovation center, providing diversified products with continuously upgraded technologies. By 2016, it has drafted 150 national and industrial standards and filed for 1061 patent applications among which 571 were granted, including 22 international patents.

As a national scientific and technical innovation demonstration enterprise,Accelink actively participates in industry alliance and standardization by serving as a member of OSFP, CSFP, 25GbE alliance and other MSA organizations. It cooperates closely with counterparts, scientific research institutions and well-known universities at home and abroad in pursuing future development of photoelectronic technology and to explore further in the road of technical innovation.

Aimed at building the global electronic industry chain, Accelink has established a European active R&D center and a North American high-end product development platform and systematically upgraded the industrialization bases of Wuhan and Dalian, and thus enabled the global strategic structure to take shape, feathering “three forming an organic whole while combing each other’s advantages”.

Independent Innovation of Vertical Integration

Through independent innovation, Accelink has developed key technologies including III-V semiconductor material growth, 2'InP/GaAs semiconductor processing technology, PIN PD and APD design/structure, multi-quantum well RWG FP/DFB laser design, BH LD and grating design/structure, SIO2/SI material plane optical waveguide (PLC technology) chip design and process, and built a silicon light technology platform suitable for hybrid integration, striving for competitive advantage in integrated 100G/400G high-speed optical module. 

Utilizing the chip technology platform, Accelink has carried out R&D of optical device technology, photoelectric integration technology, optical module technology and subsystem technology, and developed the most extensive vertical integration technology in the industry of optoelectronic devices. In the recent years, Accelink has extended its technological vision and innovation advantage to the sensor, data and other business domains, expanded the scope of technical innovation and application and further strengthened the company’s unique core competitiveness of vertical integration.

Innovation System

Guided by the idea of “achieving rapid and large-scale product application in a market-oriented way”, Accelink is constantly enhancing its innovation capabilities. With great insights in technical tendency, product feature and market demand, it has built a deep, wide and sophisticated innovation system that channels product business, R&D and other units so that customers would benefit immediately from Accelink’s technical innovation.

Leveraging modern information technology, Accelink has established a win-win strategic reusing and sharing platform of technology to achieve systematic integration of technological resources through multi-channel transformation and the use of various innovative elements. Considering characteristics of the development of optoelectronic devices, the company pioneered the integration of product development in the field of optical devices by using a mature IPD integrated product development system and adopting the asynchronous development and reusing mode based on the unified platform to create an efficient, high-quality and structured parallel development process.

Technical Team

With a diverse and open career platform for employees to utilize their talents, Accelink boasts the advantage of advanced industry technologies and over 1000 high-level technical talents including 4 young and middle-aged experts who enjoy a special allowance of the State Council with outstanding contributions at the provincial level, a chief technician of Hubei Province, 14 professor-level senior engineers, 163 senior engineers and 237 senior technical talents.

Based on the talent philosophy of “providing opportunities to those with aspiration, platforms to those with competence and rewards to those with achievements”, Accelink has developed a number of incentives, including patent awards, technical innovation awards, project awards and more, created a competency and performance based career path to guide technical staff for their development into technical experts and thus formed a sustainable talent development foundation and mechanism.

Commercialization of technological fruits

With an efficient technical Commercialization of technological fruits system, more than 90% of the scientific research projects are translated into actual products and the average annual overall contribution rate of new products remains above 28%.

Our pioneering products include China’s first single-mode fiber optic connector and 1550nm DFB laser in the 1980s, China’s first domestic non-refrigerated quantum-well laser and the first Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) in the 1990s, the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM), Optical Line Protection System (OLP), Wavelength Selection Switch (WSS) and 10G/40G/100G series optical module in the 21st century. Accelink is always at the domestic frontier of optoelectronic devices, having made significant contributions to the development of national optical communication technology and the prosperity of the information society.

As an important driver of optoelectronic device technology, Accelink has contributed to integration and support of mainstream international standards by connecting intellectual property protection with the industry.

Innovation Honors

1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

2 second prizes of National Technology Invention Award

5 first prizes of China Institute of Communications Science and Technology Award

2 second prizes of China Institute of Communications Science and Technology Award

1 third prize of China Institute of Communications Science and Technology Award

2 first prizes of Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award  

1 second prize of Chinese Institute of Electronics Science and Technology Award  

2 second prizes of China Communications Standards Association Science and Technology Award

3 first prizes of Technological Progress Award of Hubei Province

3 second prizes of Technological Progress Award of Hubei Province

1 second prizes of Technological Invention Award of Hubei Province

2 third prizes of Technological Invention Award of Hubei Province