Green Technology, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

“A Smart enterprise would have more opportunities to bring out the value of ‘green’”. Accelink vigorously advocates green technology and focuses on providing green and lead-free products of low-power consumption but high-performance to create green communication for the future. We adopt and promote energy-saving and environmental protection technology, with a focus on product structure optimization, performance improvement and energy consumption reduction. By continuous efforts of process improvement, the company has further reduced unit manufacturing energy consumption. Our complete and strict supervision and management covers all business links such as product design, raw material purchase, building of the production environment, etc.

Accelink strongly promotes and implements energy-saving and emission reduction. To do so, we have adjusted the equipment and facilities layout to reduce waste, actively used energy-saving technologies to improve energy efficiency, built an energy (resources) consumption reporting system to conduct regular problem diagnosis for improvements and stepped up advocacy of energy-saving and emission reduction to enhance employees’ awareness in this regard.

Accelink makes full use of modern information technology in internal management and has introduced enterprise resource planning management system, supplier relationship management system, product life cycle management system and other information systems to achieve rapid sharing of information and business integration, and thus providing strong support to strategic decision-making, business practices, risk control and more, increasing significantly the efficiency and quality of work and reducing management cost.

Corporate culture of caring for Employees

As the biggest asset of a company, employees are the creators of a company’s wealth. Accelink cares about the comprehensive development of employees, aiming at achieving a win-win result between the company and employees and sharing the fruits of development together.

Accelink adopts a performance-and-ability-oriented salary system and evaluation principles, a benefit distribution mechanism that encourages increment and a sound social security and welfare mechanism. We also offer “five insurances and housing fund”, supplementary medical insurance, enterprise annuity, other commercial insurances, as well as benefits including providing shuttle bus, dormitories, canteen, birthday and holiday gifts. Holding the belief that employee training is the most valuable investment, we provide comprehensive trainings from basic knowledge to professional skills according to business demands and job characteristics,not only helping them continue to work effectively but also providing them with access to new skills and development opportunities so that they can improve their competence rapidly.

We have a cooperate culture that values employees’ spiritual and cultural demands. Accelink offers platforms for the staff to express and communicate their opinions via various channels such as internal publications, website and corporate WeChat account, to foster a better corporate cultural atmosphere.

Accelink provides support to enrich employees’ life after work by organizing all kinds of activities that attract extensive participation. We encourage a variety of employee activities, such as badminton and table tennis, which help to create platforms and atmosphere for employees to develop their hobbies, relax themselves and make friends with others of the same interests.

Focusing on Customers for Value Creation

Based on the core value of customer success and constant growth, Accelink is always customer-oriented, focusing on their needs and providing comprehensive products and services. Through fine control of management, R&D and supply chain and multi-platform integrated innovation, we create value in a market-oriented and customer-oriented manner, making us the best international cooperation partner for them to choose.

Accelink makes quality products by enhancing integration and control capabilities of the industry chain. We develop leading core technologies and products on the basis of openness and cooperation, participate extensively in competition, cooperation and production of values on the international platform and has continuously launched a large number of products with independent intellectual property rights. With these products, we have created huge economic benefits and given significant impetus to the entire industry.

Accelink is committed to making innovation the endogenous force for the growth of the company by way of combining science and technology with market demands and combining technological revolution with changes in the industry’s competition environment to create a wide product mix. By working side by side with customers, we continue to innovate in the communication industry, improve the application of optical fiber communication technique in the society, keep enhancing the communication network capacity and quality for a more reliable and stable network environment of optical communication that benefits everyone.

Making Donations for Disaster Relief and Giving back to the Society

As a member of our society, Accelink considers social responsibilities and giving back to the community as an important part of our development concept. We not only provide intellectual support by way of the technical application and innovation but also take an active part in social relief, public welfare, disaster response and other undertakings to exercise our responsibilities for social development and will keep doing so in the future.

In 2014, Accelink’s representatives participated in the activity of “cadres helping villagers” organized by the provincial commission of the Communist Party. We provided aids to Guishan town located in Macheng, Hubei and donated instruments to local village schools, and therefore efficiently improved their school conditions and demonstrated our positive image of giving back to the community and performing social responsibilities.

In 2016, Accelink funded a program to maintain the main teaching building and students’ dormitory of FiberHome Technologies Group Wangping Hope Primary School in Jianshi county, which was operated by the Hubei Charity Federation as a directional donation program. Accelink signed the funding agreement with Hubei Charity Federation and the school, donating 450,000 yuan to Hubei Charity Federation for this program.

In 2016, Accelink actively participated in the activity of “showing your care with a piece of paper” and placed donation boxes of used goods in the company, calling for the donation of old newspapers and clothes from employees for the support of environmental protection, which fully represented Accelink’s social value.

Accelink is headquartered in Wuhan, one of the key cities of summer flood control. In the past flood responses, Accelink took the initiative to participate in the rescue, built emergency response team for embankments guarding and protection to ensure the city’s safety in the flood season. In 2016, we had multiple groups and large numbers of people go to Wuhan Tianxingzhou for embankments patrol to prevent emergencies.

We paid taxes according to law and exercised our civil responsibilities. As an honest taxpayer, Accelink was honored as “a large taxpayer”, “a credit level A taxpayer”, etc.