Ultra-long Haul Optical Transmission

For a conventional optical fiber communication system, the transmission distance is extended by setting optical amplifiers or photoelectric converters in the line. The repeater equipment is usually located in repeater stations. However, there are some special places like seabed, desert, swamp and snowcapped mountain, where it is impossible to build a repeater station. In addition, power, oil and other departments need their own private network communication, and especially the high voltage transmission line of the power system is usually placed at remote areas where it is rather difficult for site selection, construction and maintenance of repeater stations, therefore  repeater equipment without power supply is desired. The ultra-long span transmission technology of Accelink provides an effective solution for communications at those special places where it is impossible to build repeater stations. What's more, for some repeater stations with less business, which are located remotely and difficult to maintain, the single-span long-distance technology can also be considered to make repeater no longer necessary for lines, reduce required maintenance and reduce expenses for operation and maintenance of repeater stations.

The long-distance single-span transmission distance has such main influential factors as optical power limitation, optical signal to noise ratio limitation, non-linear effect limitation and dispersion limitation . The long-distance single-span transmission solution integrates the Accelink optical amplification technology, dispersion management technology, coding and decoding technology, and non-linear suppression technology to form a unique long-distance transmission solution with the lab single-wave transmission distance of more than 500 km, thus effectively solving the service transmission problem of private networks such as power grid and lowering the investment cost. 


Solution Characteristics

·  High integration: Save 90% power terminals and space which compared to traditional products

·  Platform: BA, PA, FEC, PM-QPSK, RFA, ROPA and DCM in the same platform

·  Compatibility: Compatible with all transmission and data communications equipment

·  Stability: Safe and reliable service work online over 10 years

·  Unified NMS: Compatible with old single rack mounted equipment

Typical Application

Typical Application 1BA+PA 光路子系统1.PNGTypical Application 

2FEC+BA+PA光路子系统2.PNGTypical Application 

3 Coherent FEC + Second Order Co-RFA + Second Order RFA光路子系统3.PNGTypical Application 

4Coherent FEC + Co-RFA+ Remote Pumped Amplifier 光路子系统4.PNG


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