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Accelink Optical TAP and pre-processing solution is for big data analysis, operator signal analysis and network traffic monitoring. The solution covers the optical splitting and amplification of signals and aggregation, pre-processing and distribution of data the devices can be connected to system, efficiently copy the data and send it to the detective device. It will not affect the original business traffic of transmission system, even if the device is power-down. At the same time, it makes sure that the activity of unidirectional data transmission from the monitoring port will not being perceived. Equipment support multiple rates from 100Mbps to 200Gbps with signal splitter function (4 or 8 copies). The equipment is based on OSP platform and support hot plug. The NMS interface support CLI, WEB, SNMP V3 protocols.


Solution Characteristics:

        l  Support full rate services: 155M/622M, 2.5G, GE/10GE, 40GE,100GE

l  Easy maintenance: plug-in design, hot-plug, easy expansion and maintenance;

l  Stable and reliable: Pure passive splitter nodes, without any influence on trunk service signals;

l  High integration: maximum support 4 channels/ RU;

l  Management: the third generation of  data acquisition and pre-processing products, all nodes can be monitored and managed;

l  Business transparent: the product is used on the physical layer , so the signal is independent ,transparent, safe and reliable;

l  Splitting ratio:  different Spectral ratio can be designed(uniform or non-uniform)

 Typical Application

 Typical application 1: Optical TAP and Pre-processing from Gn port


Gn interface is the same PLMN in the SGSN and the SGSN and between SGSN and GGSN Gn interface between the interface (in the GPRS network interface between SGSN). The interface protocol allows users to transfer data and related signaling to support Mobility Management (MM), the interface used for TCP / IP protocol. Gn provide data and signaling interfaces, IP-based backbone network Gn (and Gp) interface uses GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP). GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) in the GPRS network between the various GSNs Gp and Gn are defined platform. 

Typical application 2: Optical TAP and Pre-processing from IU-PS port


In the TD-SCDMA network, the Iu-Ps interface is between the RNC and the SGSN. It is a bridge connecting the user to the core network and contains a large number of control signaling messages. It also carries the control signaling and user data of the 3G packet data communication, in particular the Radio Access Network Application (RANAP), each call is transmitted with rich signaling messages including radio resource allocation, access bearer control and mobility management function. In the IU-PS interface, it can realized signaling monitoring and other services.

Typical application 3: Optical TAP and Pre-processing from Gb port


The interface between the SGSN and the BBS for the Gb interface (SGSN in the GPRS network and the BSS interface). Completed by the interface with the SGSN BSS systems, MS communication between to complete the packet data transfer, mobility management, session management functions. The interface is a must have GPRS network interface. The interface protocol can be used to transport signaling and traffic information. -Based Frame Relay (Frame Relay) network to provide traffic control service, SGSN with the BSS can be used between the Frame Relay network to communicate, you can also use the Frame Relay connection point to point communication. Support mobility and session management features such as GPRS attach / detach, security, routing, data connection information on the activation / deactivation, etc., and support by the BSS to the MS packet data transmission between the SGSN.

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