Optical Line Monitor

Optical Line Monitor (OLM) System incorporating such function as testing, analysis, alarm, positioning, information management and business report is established by using OTDR, optical switch and other hardware as well as upper layer network management software, which can monitor any change in the transmission performance of optical fiber line in a real-time and automatic manner and timely notice potential faults as well as locate the fault point rapidly and accurately, to greatly shorten fault duration of the optical line. OLM can realize automatic computer management of resource information of optical line, provide accurate basic data for system resource and network construction and guarantee reliable scientific decisions.


Solution Features:

·  Visualization: Combine cable resources visualization on the map with GIS information

·  High accuracy: Positioning accuracy is less than 5m

·  High integration: Integrate with OSW, OPM, OS, inspection terminal, mobile APP

·  Multiple scenarios: Multiple solutions for different scenarios

·  Compatibility: OLM, OLP, resource management system, inspection system in the same platform

·  Rich NMS function: Intelligent system analysis, provide maintenance reports

·  Fiber resource management: ODF management, core resource statistics

 Typical Application 

Typical application 1: OS + OPM spare line monitoring


Typical application 2: OS + OPM spare fiber core monitoring


Typical application 3Long distance transmission monitoring


Typical application 4OLP alarm drive monitoring


Typical application 5On-line service monitoring


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