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Network traffic content analysis is particularly important in current high-speed and high-capacity Internet environment. For network management, the most important thing is to distinguish and identify traffic. In the mobile Internet era, the data traffic is the core requirement of customers; the value of the data is the core value of the customer.

Accelink network traffic convergence and distribution product is a network traffic analysis equipment for the serial network / parallel network deployment. It is widely used in the fields of operator, enterprise network, security network and so on. The network traffic is duplication, convergence, distribution, filter and conversion to achieve free-oriented output to meet the various types of traffic monitoring deployment requirements.


Application Features

l  Various formations: 1U cartridge device, standard ATCA equipment (3U / 6U / 16U)

l  High compatibility: GE / 10GE / 40GE / 100GE and 2.5G / 10G POS / 40G POS

l  Rich scenario: IDC / ISP information security, high-speed link data processing and other scenarios for mobile core network data acquisition.

l  Stability: Widely used in domestic operators, security apartments, integrators, government and other customers

l  Unified NMS management: Support unified WEB interface

Typical Application

1IDC 100GE Pooling Project


爆炸形 1: 100GE链路跨机房同源同宿

2DPI Project


3Operator Signaling Monitoring


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