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In recent years, with the country encourage the development of communications equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of telecommunications networks, radio, television and the Internet triple networks, to achieve three network interoperability, resource sharing, and provide users with voice, data and radio and television services. How to transition to the next generation of cable television networks and carry out a new digital TV business and value-added services to the radio and television industry are both challenges and opportunities. The development and application of passive optical network technology is to promote the development of two-way transformation of cable television network. Two-way cable network is through the establishment of two-way metropolitan area network and access network to provide users with integrated business of two-way transmission system, involving the transmission platform construction, access platform construction and the last 1 km home terminal layout.

As China's FTTX industry advocates, promoters and the main standard-setters, with years of focusing on subsystem product experience, Accelink technologies accurately grasp the radio and television industry product technology and market trends. As the only one in the country to provide customers from the device to the module and then to the subsystems of the all-round solution provider, Accelink CATV & PON is full range of products to achieve mass production and sales, products covered optical transmitter, high power amplifier, Device, optical receiver, OLT, ONU, EOC and so on.

Accelink Technologies has always concerned about the radio and television two-way transformation of the access network construction, broadband access to provide fiber to the home, fiber to the floor, RFOG analog back, with PON link monitoring and other programs to adapt to different scenarios, Flexible end-to-end Solution.


Solution Characteristics

l  Voice, softswitch, HD-IPTV, CATV, DTV, special line and other user needs flexible access and comprehensive integration

l  100M / 1000M FTTH

l  Three wavelengths in single-fiber technology without additional equipments, save CAPEX

l  Unified management of the all equipments


Typical Application

(1) CATV front end: The RF signal is converted to optical signal by advanced 1550nm optical transmitter;

(2) Sub-front site: OLT and high-power amplifier deployed together to solve multi-service single-fiber fusion load, save a lot of fiber resources by passive and E-YDFA technology;

(3) Customer side: Provide optical receiver, 100M / 1000M ONT and support VoIP, CATV, Internet and so on.

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