Serial Device Server

With the speedy development of the network technology, modern communicating, the number of network equipment in the central room is increasing day by day, network management become more and more inefficient and complicated cause by different equipment brands, management mode, equipment hosting and so on. Accelink technologies implement serial server solution with advanced chips, efficient and safe algorithm, which is resolve the TCP / IP protocol packets to serial data stream. Otherwise, the serial data stream can also be labeled as TCP / IP protocol data packets, so as to achieve the data transmission, thereby improving the management efficiency and security of existing equipment.


Solution Characteristics

·  Remotely manage equipments which include transmission, switches, routers, gateway, firewall and other equipments by serial ports;

·  Emergency fault management, easy deployment and meet 4A requirements

·  Highly integrated device, support 32 network devices;

·  High compatibility, support majority of network equipment, such as Huawei, Cisco, IBM, HP, etc;

·  Unified B / S NMS, support 20,000 network devices simultaneously;

·  Optical and electrical multi-channel management ports, independent serial port access, which can support multiple users access;

·  Supports encrypted communication, whitelist, real-time log and fault alarms;

·  Two-layer and three-layer hybrid architecture, modular design, distributed systems, centralized management;

·  B / S access, web-browser.

Typical Application


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