Data Center Integrated

In recent years, the data center was unprecedentedly developed because of the cloud computing, big data and other emerging IT technology development and maturity, as well as the Internet, government, telecommunications and other industry on demanding growth, data center station upgrades, construction of government public service platform and other requirements. It is urgent to build new generation data centers to adapt changes, such as chips, architecture, systems, software multi-core technology, blade high-density systems, virtualization applications, ultra-integration, cooling technology, intelligent management and other new technologies achieve great progress, which bring great impact to the traditional data center applications and management, on the other hand, business model has undergone great changes. 

Based on the current status and challenges of data center, the future developments are as follow:

1. Energy-saving

The increasing scale of the data center results in a significant increase in operating costs, and electricity cost is the main cost, and how to improve power usage effectiveness (PUE, the lower the better) becomes a major issue of data centers’ cost.

2. Modular Deployment

Cloud computing and mobile Internet development put forward higher request of data center deployment. Currently, cabinet and container deployment model can significantly reduce the data center construction cycle period.

3. Automation

With the increasing scale of the data center, the cost of traditional operation mode requires a substantial increase.

4. Virtualization and Software Definition

Virtualization can greatly improve the efficiency of data center resource utilization, and has been widely used. The software definition technology provides fast and flexible multi-tenancy heterogeneous resource allocation, isolation and supply to customers. It easily provides virtualized data center business, so that make customers feel own independent integration data center.

5. Clustered and Intensification Deployment

Clustered deployment is a number of data centers constitute one group. SDN is useful because the second layer of network construction become a trend. While intensification deployment can save the cost of data center interactive, deployment and maintenance.

6. Safe and Reliable

Security measures are not only the firewall, IPS / IDS, intrusion detection, anti-virus but also fire, hurricanes and other emergency response. Therefore, it should be constructed a reliable disaster recovery program, or establish a remote disaster recovery center at the beginning of the data center construction.

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Data Center Solution Overview


·  Entire IT architecture: provide design for IT architecture, including cloud station, cloud IT infrastructure, hyperconvergence and other entire solution;

·  IT equipment integration: provide server, storage, network, security, virtualization, operating systems, databases, management software systems integration;

·  IT equipment operation and maintenance: provide operation services program to the entire IT infrastructure system based on ITIL / ITSS;


·  VMware vSphere architecture: HA, vMotion, DRS, vSAN, FT and other features

·  Microsoft Hyper-v architecture: low-cost licensing, microkernel, high windows compatibility

[Operation and maintenance program]

·  Based on ITIL / ITSS data center maintenance management system design, integration and optimization, installation, configuration and so on.

[Information security program]

·  Design, integration, evaluation and optimization of end-to-end security solutions (infrastructure, virtualization, data security, application security, operational security and security management), and installation and configuration of security products.

[Disaster recovery program]

·  Business continuity consulting and disaster architecture design: from storage level to system level and application level, integration implementation and optimization, as well as disaster recovery backup, installation, configuration and other services. 

Program Characteristics

·  IT entire solution: rapid deployment, instant use, flexible resource expansion, high reliability, efficient intelligent management, end-to-end security and so on;

·  IT equipment: high performance, high capacity, high density, low latency, low power consumption and so on;

·  IT system: high reliability, high availability, high scalability, easy management and so on;

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