Reporting Method

1.     Content

You can report violations of applicable laws and regulations, industry standards and business ethics happened in company and from its personnel, such as violations of human rights, labor standards, occupational health and safety, environment, business ethics (including conflict minerals), etc. You can also report fraudulent behaviors such as soliciting bribes, black-box operations, seeking improper benefits, and other non-compliance behaviors which are not applied to the Code of Responsible Conduct.

2.     Contact

Tel: 027-87691213   


Address for letters: Audit office, 1 Tanhu Road, Canglongdao Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan 430205, Hubei Province

3.     Requirement

The facts reported by the whistleblower are true and clear. It is recommended that the reporter provide detailed facts so that we can quickly deal with it. Fact and relevant evidence should be provided.

4.     Confidentiality

The company strictly keeps the information of real-name whistleblowers confidential, and effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of real-name whistleblowers.

5.     Receiving and processing

In accordance with the company's process, there is a dedicated person responsible for follow-up and handling. Under appropriate circumstances, we will feed back the result of the investigation to the whistleblower.