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Article 5 The Company respects and protects the personal privacy of users (including corporate customers, website users, website visitors, commenters and etc.). For details, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” notices on this website.
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Article 9 Any personal data leaked, lost, stolen or tampered with due to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or seizures, temporary closure caused by the control of the government, which affects the normal operation of the network, will be notified to the user within 48 hours after the disclosure of the personal data.

Legal liability and disclaimer

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Privacy Policy


     Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as "Accelink Technologies" or “The Company") respect your privacy and treat the security of personal information seriously. When you use our products and/or services, the company may collect and use your personal information based on the legal basis as appropriate, such as your consent, contractual relationship or legal interests. The privacy policy of Accelink Technologies (hereinafter referred to as “The Policy”) explains to you that the personal information collected by the company and how it is used, stored, shared and transferred, as well as the method of access, update, deletion and protection of these information.

   Please read and understand this policy carefully before submitting your personal information to Accelink Technologies, and visit frequently to learn about updates to the policy. The policy applies to the websites, products and services of Accelink Technologies that display and link to the privacy policy.

Accelink Technologies offers numerous products and services, so this policy may not cover all possible personal information processing scenarios. The description of the specific data processed by the product or service may be described by the relevant product or service in its specific privacy policy. , or published in the notification provided when collecting data. If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact us anytime at


This policy will help you understand how does the company collect and use your personal information, how to share, transfer, publicly disclose, access, manage, protect and store your personal information. How does the company protect the personal information of children, how is your personal information transferred across borders, how to make the notification of personal information disclosure, how is this policy updated, how to contact the company?

1. How to collect and use your personal information

 “Personal Information” means any data relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, of which the identifiable natural person refers to the natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly by name, ID number, location data, network identification symbol, economic, cultural, social identity and etc.

Personal information will be collected directly or indirectly by the company when you use the company's products, services or websites, or interact with the company, such as calling the company's contact number, creating a website account, participating in our marketing or Promotional activities and etc. that you provided directly to the company.

The company collects personal information for the following purposes: fulfilling orders; creating and managing your account; registering services for you or your device; providing the services or features you request; providing you with information about the company; providing after-sales service; providing online customer inquire, advice and complaints; sending important notifications about security or upgrade services; analyzing access to service data, improving our products and services; providing a good experience for your use of the website or product; reviewing your error logs submitted, troubleshooting product failures, improving the company's loss prevention and anti-fraud programs, complying with and enforce applicable legal requirements, and other uses that you agree to.

When the company wants to use your personal information for other purposes not covered by this policy, or when the information is used for purposes other than your prior consent, the company will ask for your consent before offering the product or service, such as the email notification, the pop-up window, the blackened font and etc. to display the updated content, and let you choose whether to agree with the change.  You may revoke this consent at any time, but this may limit your ability to use the product or service.

You fully understand that, in accordance with applicable laws, in the following cases, the company collects and uses personal information without obtaining your authorized consent: related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment enforcement, national security, national defense, the maintenance of personal information or other important interests of individual (such as life), public safety, public health, major public interests; and necessary for legitimate news reports; other situations regulated by laws.

The personal information collected by the company mainly has the following categories:

1)  Account information

When you register for a service account related to Accelink Technologies, you need to provide a mobile phone number or email for authentication, or provide supplementary information such as avatar, nickname, birthday and etc. When you use a third-party (such as WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter and etc.) account to log in to the business platform of Accelink Technologies (you can also choose to refuse to access our products or services in this way), the company will obtain your verification information from a third-party server by user’s authorization. The server of the company also keeps the access token granted by the third-party platform and shares it among the specific services used by the user to prevent the user from repeatedly logging in to the third-party server.

2)  Order information

If you purchase or sell the products, offer or receive the service with the company, you will need to collect your delivery address, consignee, contact number, postal code, information about the goods or services you purchased.

3) After sales information

When you need the company to provide after-sales service or when you encounter problems and give the feedback to us, the company will collect your name, phone number, device information, fault description and etc. to provide you with the necessary information for after-sales service, you can provide information to the company according to the service required, for example, when you need mail service after sale, you need to provide your mailing address and recipient information.

4)  Other information

In process of some services or business, such as Accelink Technologies may save the user's phone number, email, address and other information to the server or mail system, if the user does not want to provide such information, they can refuse and notify the company to delete the personal information.  When you apply for a job on our website, the company will ask you to provide your resume.

A special type of personal information--sensitive personal information is usually defined as any information related to the origin of a person's race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, whether a member of a labor union, personal genetic identification data, biological data, or data related to health, sexual life or sexual orientation. In some cases, personal sensitive information may also include criminal allegations or judgments, geographic location information, financial and bank account, social security numbers, driver licenses and other unique identification. For sensitive personal information, if you purchase products or order services from the company, the company will collect sensitive personal information such as bank card numbers and etc related to payment. In this case, the company will follow the applicable law, such as asking for your consent in advance.

2. How to share, transfer or disclose your personal information

In order to ensure the security of your personal information, the company complies with the principle of minimizing the share, transfer or disclosure of your personal information in compliance with applicable legal requirements:

1)The company has a number of overseas subsidiaries, if the business is necessary, the company may share your personal information among Accelink Technologies and its subsidiaries to provide you with timely services;

2)The company will share the minimum but necessary information with our authorized business partners to provide services for you;

3)When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy liquidation, asset transfer or similar transactions, if it involves personal information transfer, the company will require new companies and organizations that hold your personal information to continue to be subject to the requirements, commitments and constraints of security measures of this Privacy Policy, for example, the company will not use the information out of the purpose of the above personal information, otherwise the company will require the company, the organization involved to resubmit your authorization.

4)If the company believes that the disclosure complies with any applicable laws or responds to legal procedures, the company may also provide information to law enforcement agencies/government agencies;

For companies, organizations and individuals with which the company shares personal information, the company will sign a strict data processing agreement with them to process personal information in accordance with the requirements of the company's security standards, this policy, related confidentiality and security measures. If the country in which the company shares, transfers, or discloses personal information does not have the applicable laws that protect personal information to the same extent as your country, such as from the European economic area to a country that does not have appropriate personal information protection laws, the company will follow the Article 6 of this policy to ensure the legality of data transfer and to ensure the security of your personal information.

3. Access and manage your personal information

If you submit personal information to the company, please ensure the accuracy of the information, if your information has changed, such as your delivery address has changed, you are obliged to update this information in a timely manner.

In addition, you may have the following rights under the applicable law (1) the right to access your personal information held by the company, (2) update or correct any of your inaccurate personal information, and (3) reject the company to use your personal information; (4) require the company to restrict or delete your personal information; and (5) require the company to transfer your data.

When you request the above rights, the company may require you to provide a written request and verify your identity. In general, the company will not charge you any fees, unless such requests exceed the general requirements. If you have any questions about accessing and managing your personal information, you can contact the company in accordance with clause 9 of this policy.

4. How to protect and save your personal information

By strengthening the physical, administrative and technical security measures of personal information, such as access control, monitoring systems, encryption, anonymity or pseudonymization, employee training and etc., the company will strive to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss and other forms of illegal processing. The information security policies and procedures of the company are designed strictly in accordance with national standards, and will be regularly reviewed and updated, and third-party testing of the company's security measures will be carried out to meet the company's business needs, technology changes and regulatory requirements.

 The company will save your personal information complying with the law, and promptly delete your personal information when the relevant business is completed without violating applicable laws and regulations. Your personal information is generally stored in the place where the business is conducted, but it may also be stored outside your country. This is related to the location of the company's data center. The company will take measures to ensure that the company is based on this privacy notices and the requirements of the applicable law of the location of data storage to deal with the information collected by the company. To the extent permitted or required by law, the company will inform you of the loss, misuse or alteration of personal information that may pose a significant risk to you so that you can take appropriate measures to effectively protect your rights.

5. How to protect children's personal information

The personal information of children is specially protected and no information is collected from children without the consent of the child's parents or guardians. For the personal information of children collected with the consent of the parent or guardian, the company will only use or disclose the data if it meets the local legal requirements and the parent or guardian expressly agrees. If Accelink discovers the personal information of children collected without prior consent, the company will immediately delete the data.

6. How does your personal information transfer across borders?

Accelink Technologies is a global optical device manufacturing and service company. In general, the company will process this information in the country where you use the product or service. The personal information is transferred to countries/regions other than the information collected to the extent of China’s laws and regulations, and the personal information protection laws may differ in these countries/regions. Regardless of where we process this personal information, the company will promptly inform you of the destination, recipient and other information transmitted, and take measures to ensure it is in compliance with this policy and the applicable legal requirements of the location, such as obtaining your consent or signing the contract of the necessary data transfer.

7. Notice of disclosure of personal information

Any personal data leaked, lost, stolen or tampered with due to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or seizures, temporary closure caused by the control of the government, which affects the normal operation of the network, will be reported the disclosure of personal data to the regulatory agency within 72 hours of the information disclosure. When personal information disclosure may pose a great risk to your rights or freedoms, the company will notify you immediately so that you can take timely measures to protect your personal information.

8. How to update the privacy policy

The company may update this privacy policy from time to time. If this privacy policy is revised, the company will release the latest version on the official website in time. You agree to periodically visit these pages to understand and check any such revisions. If there are major changes to this policy, the company will provide you with a more significant way to notify you, such as emails, text messages, website pop-up and etc. The major changes refer to the reduction of user rights or obligations related to the processing of personal information promised in this policy, as well as changes in the purpose of personal information processing and type of sensitive personal information, changes in the company's ownership structure, such as acquisition, merger, bankrupt and etc.

9. How to contact my company

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or request and inquire your personal information, please contact us by sending email to, and the company will reply within 1 month.

Recipient: Accelink Technologies General Management Department (Administrative Office)

Address: No. 1 Tanhu Road, Canglongdao Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Postal code: 430205

If you are dissatisfied with the response or are dissatisfied with the way the company handles your personal information, you can file a complaint or report to your local regulatory agency.

China: Internet Information Office, or local police, industry and commerce and other regulatory agencies;

EU Region: Data protection regulators in each member state can be queried from the following link:

Contact information for personal information regulators in other regions can be consulted with the local government.