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Accelink Technologies Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002281, hereinafter referred to as "Accelink") is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic devices in optical communications thanks to its strategic and systematic R&D, key technologies of optoelectronic chips, and capability of mass production. It nowhas 8 subsidiaries.

Accelink was founded in 2001 from its predecessor Solid-state Device Institute of China P&T Ministry which was established in 1976. Accelink was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2009, making the history of the first Chinese optoelectronic device supplier that goes public. In December 2012, Accelink merged with Wuhan Telecommunications Devices Co., Ltd. (WTD), giving a boost to its growth in business scale and R&D strength. In 2013, Accelink acquired IPX from Denmark, thus entering the high-end passive chip market with core chip technology. In 2016, Accelink increased its investment in Dalian Canglong Optoelectronic Technologies and founded a joint venture "Armayi Technologies" with French capital. Data from 3rd parties including OVUM show that the market share of Accelink in 2016 remained among the world’s top 5.


As a pioneer and a leader in optoelectronic device R&D, Accelink has drafted a total of 150 national and industrial standards of telecommunications and filed over 1,000 patent applications at home and abroad. Accenlink has been for ten consecutive years on the list of China’s Most Competitive 10 Companies in Optoelectronic Devices, Auxiliary Equipment and Raw Materials at China Optical Communications Development and Cooperation Forum, which is co-hosted by Optical Communications Commission of China Institute of Communications and Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee, and co-organized by the latter and the Network and Telecommunications Information Institute. It has also been accredited jointly by NDRC and Ministry of Science and Technology as "National Accredited Enterprise and Technological Center" and "National Technological and Innovative Enterprise".

With constant technical progress, Accelink has developed six basic technology platforms: semiconductor material growth, semiconductor processing and planar lightwave guide, optics design and packaging, thermal analysis and mechanics design, high frequency simulation and design, software and subsystem development. In the meantime, Accenlink offers up-to-date end-to-end product lines, one-stop solutions and a good assortment of products covering chips, devices, modules and subsystems, so as to satisfy different customer demands flexibly.

With a full-fledged independent technological innovation system, Accelink is always a leader in optoelectronic devices, and has forged cooperative relations with numerous customers. In addition to covering China's market, Accelink takes large proportion of overseas market, providing reliant and innovative solutions for over 40 major telecommunications companies in over 20 countries and regions. Accelink helps to facilitate people's communication and brings them closer to the information world.

Accelink is the largest company in China in the industry. Led by the Accelink Dream of "building a world-top enterprise on a centennial legacy ", the company is committed to becoming a world-class optoelectronic supplier to provide customers with products and services of higher values, create a brighter future for the information society and lead the world into a future weaved by light and network.