Lighting Your Dreams – Accelink at 2017 OFC

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On March 21, 2017, the world’s most influential and professional international event OFC was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. Accelink delegation led by deputy general manager Huang Xuanze, Xu Yong and Lv Xiangdong to the event made in-depth discussion with many industry peers on the cutting-edge technology and market prospect of optical communication industry this year, and showcased our new integrated solutions for data association, intelligent optical switching and other applications.


As the bellwether of the domestic optical communication industry and the international renowned optical communication devices and equipment suppliers, Accelink was present at the OFC with theme of “Lighting Your Dreams”. Our exhibits were full range of products and solutions from chip, devices, module to subsystem, which cover the application fields of intelligent optical network, DCI, optical cable monitoring and FTTx triple play, showing strong vertical integration ability of the company to provide one-stop service in the field of optical communication.


Accelink launched the world's leading carrier-class DML CFP2 LR4 optical module based on 4*25G independently integrated components and conducted its first worldwide live demo at the exhibition. Through innovative technology development and overcoming one difficulty after another, Accelink has broken through the bottleneck to the key technologies such as 100G integrated DML TOSA, 100G integrated ROSA and 100G high frequency circuit design and encapsulation. The module fully satisfies the 100G BASE-LR4 and stringent 28G OTU-4 carrier-class double-speed applications as given in the international standard IEEE802.3bm, and it is expected to become the next killer optical module product of carrier-class application.


At the same time, Accelink released its latest CDC-ROADM board series product – ACR2000. ACR2000, based on the new architecture, uses 1*9 WSS to realize 8-dimension CDC-ROADM which supports 256-path upgoing/downgoing wares. This new architecture supports smooth upgrading and expansion of existing low-dimensional less-port Classic-ROADM or CD-ROADM system toward the high-dimension and large-capacity CDC-ROADM, and also provides more competitive solutions for the new CDC-ROADM system.

Boasting technology advantage of vertical integration and strong supply chain management and global marketing network, Accelink took this occasion to exploit the new market opportunities for DC, intelligent optical network and other sectors, and further broaden its international influence and raise the international status international.

Lighting Your Dreams – Accelink is making steady step into a century-old enterprise!