Accelink launched the world’s leading carrier-class DML CFP2 100G double-speed 10km module

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With the accelerated development of the Internet, cloud computing and big data industries, 100G products are becoming more and more widely used, and the demand is increasing. Especially on the user side, the demand for 100G 10km optical modules is sharply increasing. Currently, the market supports 100G BASE-LR4, OUT-4 double-speed optical transceiver module. Its core components still relay mainly on EML laser, however, high power consumption and high cost hinder the EML from wide applications. Although ordinary DML lasers have relative advantages in terms of power consumption and cost, the rapid degradation of the high extinction ratio and low frequency chirp makes it hard to implement the application of carrier-class 100G double-speed 10km. Through innovative technology development and overcoming one difficulty after another, Accelink transmission products business team has broken through the bottleneck to the key technologies such as 100G integrated DML TOSA, 100G integrated ROSA and 100G high frequency circuit design and encapsulation. Eventually, DML CFP2 LR4 optical module based on 4*25G independently integrated components comes out and it will make the first debut at the OFC to be held in Los Angeles in the March 2017. The module fully satisfies the 100G BASE-LR4 and stringent 28G OTU-4 carrier-class double-speed applications as given in the international standard IEEE802.3bm, and it is expected to become the next killer optical module product of carrier-class application.