Accelink released high-power L-Plus ASE light source

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Accelink Technologies (Stock Code: 002281) launched the latest high-power L-plus ASE light source products to customers recently. The output wavelength range of the light source is 1563nm~1621nm, the maximum output power is 26dBm, and the flatness of output spectrum is less than 2dB. The release of such a high-power L-Plus ASE light source has solved the problem of lacking the ASE light source with high power and density and wide spectral range for long time in the industry.

Compared with the traditional ASE light source which can only support 13dBm output power and wavelength range to 1605nm, Accelink's new L-Plus ASE light source realized the 20 times higher output power and wavelength range extension by 60% at least. "L-band communication and related equipment and devices will be used more extensively with the expansion of communication system bandwidth, but the traditional ASE light source will find it difficult to meet the R&D and production demands of equipment and devices. L-Plus ASE light source is developed based on Accelink’s technology accumulation and innovation over the years. It is a perfect solution to the challenges in production and application, and will provide the necessary conditions for the application of L-band and L-Plus band." Accelink XXX said, "The L-Plus ASE in combination with Accelink’s 26dBm C-band ASE light source previously released, will make available the integrated solution of high-power UWB flat ASE light source covering C+L-Plus band to customers”.