Accelink released CDC-ROADM product

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Accelink Technologies (Stock Code: 002281) released its latest CDC-ROADM board series product – ACR2000 which consists of QPS, WSS, CDC and FMC. Unlike traditional CDC-ROADM products, of which the dimension and capacity are highly dependent on the number of WSS ports, ACR2000 can support the high-dimension and large-capacity CDC-ROADM with less-port WSS.

 “ACR2000, based on the new architecture, uses 1*9 WSS to realize 8-dimension CDC-ROADM which supports 256-path upgoing/downgoing wares. This new architecture supports smooth upgrading and expansion of existing low-dimensional less-port Classic-ROADM or CD-ROADM system toward the high-dimension and large-capacity CDC-ROADM, and also provides more competitive solutions for the new CDC-ROADM system. The architecture will play a great role in promoting the CDC-ROADM system marketing for our customers”, the general manager of Accelink transmission products business department Bu Qinlian said. "And all this relies on Accelink’s complete product chain, strong vertical integration ability and R&D team creativity."

Another highlight is that in addition to the innovative ROADM architecture, Accelink also launched the 3D fiber shuffle product for the CDC-ROADM system. The product can also be used to solve the problem of high-density optical fiber cross connection in the DC and other scenarios.

It was also learned that Accelink will conduct a live demo of the ACR2000 at OFC 2017. (Accelink Booth No.: 2001)