Accelink attended the WIOF 2016

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The WIOF 2016 jointly organized by Hubei Zhongke International Science & Technology Cooperation Company Limited and China FiberOptics Online, ended successfully in Wuhan InterContinental Hotel On November 4, 2016. This forum attracted nearly 300 participants from operators, Internet companies, manufactures of optical devices, optical equipment, optical fiber cable, and instrumentation, securities investment institutions and standard setting bodies. It is toned to be a forum of the whole industry promotion”, and involves the hotspots of optical communication technology, analysis of optical communication market, light communication investment fads of optical communication and growth of optical communication enterprises which are the hottest topics in China’s optical communication industry, making the strongest voice of optical communication in China.

Accelink data product line manager Zhang Di participated in the forum on behalf of the company and delivered a keynote speech entitled "the design and challenge of high-speed optical modules for data communication.

As a technical leader of Accelink data product line, Zhang Di started with the analysis of development trend of high-speed optical module from the point of the market and application and presented new opportunities for optical module manufacturers. He pointed out that the development of data communication has so far exceeded expectations, DCI comes up to be the new opportunity for optical module manufacturers, and 100G and higher speed optical module will be the main pulling power for the future growth of data center. From the technical point of view, he mentioned the repeated encapsulation of the traditional optical modules has made the cost reduction to the lowest point, and the user demand for low cost and high speed has promoted the application of photonic integration technologies such as hybrid integration and silicon optical integration. Moreover, Zhang pointed out that new technologies are facing new challenges in encapsulation and electromagnetic compatibility. Accelink’s 100G, 25G and other datacom products successfully overcome the technical bottleneck of the high-speed optical module and have been put on the market.

Data communication optical module is developing faster, smaller and more reliable, which can't be separated from hardware technology. By leveraging on the accumulated strength, Accelink has heavily increased input to the datacom products according to the market demand and gathered plenty of experience in the product application and technology.

According to Xiong Tao from Accelink, along with the increasing demand of network data bandwidth, the optical network is evolving to have multiple nodes, multiple lines, high speed, large capacity and intelligent performance. At present, single wave 100Gbps has become a commercial mainstream product, single wave 200G and even 400G have begun to come out of the laboratory, and the Flex-Grid Channel Map with wavelength interval of 37.5GHz at minimum has gotten mainstream. For another, failure to learn the parameters of optical fiber in real time, failure to foreknow the change of optical fiber performance and failure to prevent the fault ahead of time when conducting expansion and routine maintenance of optical fiber will further increase the labor cost for maintenance.

In the face of increasingly complex optical fiber environment that is impossibly monitored in real time, more and more complex optical signal and the increasingly stringent requirements for optical performance, it is more urgent to monitor in real-time and visualize the performance of transmission optical fibers and optical signals in the optical fibers. As introduced by Mr. Xiong, Accelink’s modular OTDR boasts excellent performance of the high dynamic range and ultra-short blind area and it can seamlessly access the optical network for real-time monitoring of optical fiber and early detection of degraded optical fiber resources, which helps shorten the maintenance time of optical cables. Accelink also provides a full range of OPM/OCM products, where all functions are optional and integratable and the module size and software/hardware interfaces can be custom-made.

Accelink’s two experts offered the detailed design ideas and solutions for the industry through in-depth understanding of product development, shared the a hot topic in the field of communication an

d technology trends from innovative point of view, and further communicated with the peers on the exhibition spot.