Accelink held the 2016 new product promotion in Shenzhen

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From September 6 to 8, Accelink held the 2016 new product promotion in Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen, where the intelligent optical transmission, 100G high speed, enterprise data center and other products and integrated solutions were emphatically promoted, highlighting Accelink’s strength in the R&D of high-end products and integrated solutions.

As China’s leading manufacturer of optical device, Accelink showcased the 100G data communication products, NGPON2, OTDR, OPM, 100G CFP ER4, 25G SFP28 LR and other product series.

After years of development in 25G and 100G data communication optical module, Accelink has accumulated rich experience in the active/passive hybrid integration and encapsulation technology, high-frequency design and encapsulation, laying a solid foundation for the development and industrialization of today's high-speed data module. Furthermore, Accelink is the only Chinese company that has achieved vertical integration from active/passive chip to module.



NGPON2 products developed by leveraging on the company’s vertical integration ability can provide the customers with both ONU symmetric and asymmetric application optical module and has realized 4-8 channel 100G interval tunable receiver in the receiving terminal as well as the absorption spectrum close to rectangular which means better bandwidth and isolation indicator.


At the promotion, Accelink OTDR module enables quick monitoring of optical cable and quick response to optical cable fault. It can work simultaneously with both EDFA/Raman/Hybrid EDFA/Raman/Hybrid amplifier and OSC module through real-time monitor of business optical cable, without interrupting the business and OSC. It also functions to monitor the total length, total loss, splicing loss and connection condition of the optical cable, and by combining with GIS system, can accurately locate the fault. Through the development of advanced applications, it allows early alarm, easy expansion, routine maintenance and other more businesses, and seamless access to the business optical cable of transmission/Roadm/access/data center/CATV without affecting the business.


At the scene, Accelink engineers demonstrated performance of 100G QSFP28 CLR4/CWDM4 as well as monitor distance and accuracy of OTDR products, which has attracted attention of experts in the industry and won the praise of many customers.

In recent years, the large-scale investment has been made to the construction of 100G backbone network worldwide, MAN is also evolving toward 100G. In the meantime, the large-scale construction of data centers also puts forward a high demand for 100G and other high-end optical devices. Looking into the next few years, the global market would still have huge demand for high-end optical devices. Accelink will take heat for making some greater breakthroughs in the research & development and application of high-end optical device products, sequentially to provide the optimal solution for global customers.