Accelink is Building the Subsystem Brand with Overall Advantages – Series III at CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore

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As a leading provider of subsystem products, Accelink keep up with the pace of the operator’s needs. According to the head of Accelink subsystem products business department, the mobile technology and big data are still the dominating impetuses to the birth of new technologies and solutions in the related industries and such a tendency is particularly prominent in China. More and more domestic enterprises begin to work on marketing their products and services to other countries and regions across the world. As an important market in Southeast Asia, Singapore has become the preferred choice for domestic enterprises to go abroad.

In the years of accumulation in the subsystem field, Accelink has been adhering to the philosophy of customer-orientation, and our integrated development platforms have given powerful technical supports to the subsystem products from devices to modules. In the technical aspect, we are in possession of complete development platform for optics, hardware and software, etc; in the marketing aspect, we have built marketing network and engineering service teams worldwide which are always ready to guarantee 24-hour maintenance and construction services.

The head of Accelink products business department said, "The competition has reminded us to continuously improve product quality and functions, reduce product cost and elevate service quality, thus to maintain a leading position in the industry." Our subsystem business department has developed three categories of products: 1) the data link acquisition equipment, mainly used in network security and user behavior analysis; 2) the optical link operation and maintenance equipment, mainly used in cable break protection, monitoring and positioning; 3) the optical sensing device, mainly used in the field of optical fiber sensing. With the powerful and effective marketing networks, the company currently has achieved breakthroughs in the industry, and in pace with the development trend of the industry, has made good extension in the fields of the network information security and monitoring, ultra-long span transmission the power grid, petroleum, railway and the Internet, in addition to optical communication. Other endeavors are also being made such as increase in the degree of integration and reduction in power consumption for the practice of "green network" concept and improvement in intelligent design for the formation of the platform-based hardware and personalized software.

At the exhibition, Accelink emphatically exhibited the intelligent optical cable operation and maintenance platform, truck & demultiplexer, and other technological products. From a wide range of products to solution packages, Accelink showed the customers the ability to solve key problems in the practical application scenarios, which received attention and recognition of the audiences, particularly the optical cable operation and maintenance platform was highly appreciated by customers from Singapore, Malaysia and other Asia-Pacific regions. The company also actively engaged and communicated with regional integrators and distributors, and further explored the development trend of optical communication in Southeast Asia and cooperation space. We have achieved good results at CommunicAsia 2016.