Accelink showcased data/access products at 2016 BCE

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On May 24 of the local time, the BCE was opened in AUSTIN, Texas. During the 2-day exhibition, Accelink delegation led by Dr. Chen Ben who is the CTO of data and access business department, made in-depth disccusions with the peers on the cutting-edge technologies of the optical communication industry and demonstrated solutions for various scenarios.

The exhibition was held by lightreading for discussion on technology predominant by SDN/NFV, and the trend of network function virtualization and the application of Whitebox switch in reality were presented during the discussion. In the symposium about DCI, Dr. Chen, on behalf of Accelink, put forward the prospects for future optical communication. “Despite the high speed is the development goal of optical communication, 40G will exit in a period of time while 100G is to officially become a principal technology strength of optical communication platform in 2017-2018, and 400G in the research stage has to take some time from theory to practical application”, he said. He also offered a proposal to set up the DSP chip of PAM4 on the system disk, so as to speed up the development of PAM4 optical module.

The exhibitors include heavyweight operators such as Verizon, global top system providers such as HUAWEI and CISCO, scientific research organizations from the AT&T Institute and emerging NFV software companies.

Accelink emphatically exhibited the solutions for data and FTTH. From a wide range of products to solution packages, Accelink showed the customers the ability to solve key problems in the practical application scenarios. The members of the data and access business department introduced the product technical solutions to the visiting peers at the booth, and had thorough discussions with the industry experts on the latest technology development trend.

Accelink’s booth at the BCE was built into a concise style as usual, with the traditional red and blue as base colors to indicate steady-going character of the company. The booth took on Accelink’s corporate culture of steady progress and forging ahead with determination, echoing with BCE’s subject.

The BCE this year was ended on May 25 of the local time. Accelink’ debut attracted a lot of attention. At the event, Accelink showcased the latest research progress and inputs in the data products of the company, making available more professional practical solutions to customers. To promote our process of internationalization, we are looking forward to meeting you again at the BCE next year!