Compliance System Needed for Steady Operations

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Accelink has always been adhering to the basic principles of compliance management. By transforming the relevant laws, regulations,industry standards and specifications into company’s systems, norms and procedures, they will contribute to the company's continuous compliance operation .

Compliance management is a strong guarantee of steady development of enterprises under highly developed marketization.The company’s management team determined to speed up the implementation of the compliance system. The project was launched in June with the help of external professional lawyers, aiming at establishing a comprehensive export control compliance system for the company.The project kick-off meeting was held on 19th August, 2020.


Up to now, the legal team has completed the investigation, interviews.Based on such works done, the legal team analyzed and evaluated the company's compliance management status. According to the evaluation report, we will process and informationize compliance requirements to improve the efficiency of compliance management and control.

 With consideration of "based on the reality, looking forward to the future, combining with business needs, and in accordance with the applicable legal requirements to design and build the optimal compliance system", the project will comprehensively consider from the compliance policy, organization, operation process, training publicity, audit supervision, IT support and other levels. Mobilize revelent to participate fully, integrate the export control system with the existing policies and processes to the greatest extent.Through supplementation of the element that cannot be integrated, the project is committed to output the most suitable compliance system.


The export control compliance management is an important project to enhance soft power. In the future, it will ensure that Accelink could effectively fulfill its export control responsibilities and obligations, and establish faithful and honest compliance management image,and guarantee the security of supply chain and  development of company.