Accelink Unveils APLS-2 Solution for Transport in DCI

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Accelink Technologies(Stock Code:002281), an industry-leading optoelectronic devices supplier, further updates and launches its APLS-2(Accelink Pluggable Line System) in small form factor for 400GZR/ZR+ transport in datacenter interconnects.

In recent years, the aggressive development of data center has driven a large number of switch or router port connection requirements. While plenty of DCI applications are concentrated in the transmission distance of 10km-100km, there are also demands for metro or campus-type DCI applications with many connection ports, to which the conventional optical line system solution would bring much more network elements to be installed and higher TCO. Calling for optical transport system that are low-cost, high-speed, more compact, power-efficient, as well as easier to install and configure is around the corner.


Figure 1. QSFP EDFA

As early as 2019, Accelink launched the 100G DWDM pluggable products solution, APLS-1, relying on series ColorA modules/PWM800/QSFP OA products, which makes the simplified application of narrow band and 10km-120km link length available. Thanks to the ColorA(100G incoherent DWDM ZR) module developed by Accelink, APLS-1 can support point-to-point transmission with single fiber capacity up to 800G. This transmission solution has been widely accepted by many customers and has been highly praised.

On this basis, Accelink has further expanded its APLS solution and developed pluggable product solution APLS-2 for 400GZR/ZR+ transport. APLS-2 series products are designed in more compact QSFP form factor that plugs directly into any switch or router QSFP ports, with low power dissipation of 2W~5W. The APLS-2 products also support up to eight DWDM wavelengths at 3.2Tbps per fiber pair in 400G ZR/ZR+ transport, enabling the flexible system capacity definitely to meet the diversified needs of customers in different application scenarios. Since the availability of APLS eliminates the need for rack-mounted units, this simplified transport solution greatly reduce the power consumption and comprehensive cost compared with the conventional rack-mounted line system. Meanwhile, due to the reduction of rack-mounted units and multiplexing of router QSFP ports, the equipment density and space utilization have been greatly improved.

With the original APLS-1 and now the APLS-2 available, Accelink will continue to provide customers with more simplified and more flexible solutions for multi-scenario DCI applications.