Accelink achieves I-Temp XGS Combo OLT SFP+ supply with in-house optical chip.

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In recent years, 10G PON is becoming the mainstream technology to support the rapid expansion of high bandwidth services application (4K video, 3D games and virtual reality, etc.). It brings Broadband & Access industry a booming period with Gigabit access to optimize terminal utilization and customer experience. To the objective, XGS Combo is acknowledged as the best solution of smoothing migration path from GPON to XGS-PON.

As s leading manufacturer of optical componets and transceivers, Accelink has always been a pioneer in the Access area, actively pushing the development and applications of PON together with the whole industrial chain. Relying on the decades of precipitated experience on chip development, Accelink achieves applying industrial temperature XGS Combo OLT SFP+ supply with in-house optical chip.

This product is using in-house 1577nm EML laser and 1490nm DFB laser to transmit downstream continuous signals respectively of 9.953Gbps/2.488Gbps, and using in-house 1270nm/1310nm APD detective to transmit upstream burst signal of 9.953Gbps/2.488Gbps/1.244Gbps. It is packed as SFP+, reaches 40km transmission distance, and almost covers all applications in GPON/XG-PON1/XGS-PON PON. It becomes a more valuable solution in PON network’s evolution.  


10G eye mask


2.5Geye mask

Accelink actively drives the intergenerational evolution of optical network, provides the possibility of landing for many emerging scenarios,such as Metaverse,artificial intelligence, autopilot, cloud computing, blockchain and traditional industry empowerment,pushes human beings into the era of "Internet of things"at last. Accelink will adhere to the concept of "providing customers with more valuable products and services", pay attention to customers' needs, and constantly introduce better solutions to create value for customers.


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