About Procurement

Accelink aims to build a world-class scientific procurement system, implement“Green procurement” “sunshine procurement”, value procurement, and strategic procurement, and construct a diverse, information-based, and healthy supply chain with controllable risks and relatively competitive advantages.

Sunshine procurement—zero tolerance toward bribery

Accelink complies with all applicable laws and regulations in its operations, and is committed to creating a fair, just, and transparent environment for “sunshine procurement”—lawful procurement, and maintains “zero tolerance” toward bribery and corruption. Accelink has established a robust monitoring and supervision system for the procurement process, to manage procurement risks before, during, and after procurement, thereby ensuring safe and secure procurement.

Commitment to corporate social responsibility

Accelink takes corporate social responsibility as a basic requirement in its cooperation with suppliers. All suppliers must conduct business in a responsible manner, while protecting communities and the environment. Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, and international standards is an integral component of our procurement agreement with our suppliers, and we encourage suppliers to protect labor rights, safeguard occupational health, create fair employment and safe working conditions, and responsibly manage environmental issues.

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