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Accelink is committed to strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, respects the rights and interests of clients, suppliers, partners, competitors, and consumers, abides by business ethics, and maintains business secrets. Similarly, when conducting business with Accelink, suppliers shall ensure that the information or items they provide to Accelink do not violate any applicable laws or infringe upon the rights and interests of any third party, and that the acceptance of such information or items by Accelink will not result in claims from any third party. Suppliers shall explicitly specify which information or items require special safety measures.

Cybersecurity and privacy protection

Accelink requires all suppliers to comply with local security laws and regulations, industry security standards, and customers’ requirements for cybersecurity. Suppliers are prohibited from embedding any deliverable with a Trojan horse, backdoors, worms, viruses, malicious code, or with other unknown features, and disclose all ports to Accelink, and disable any unused ports.

All suppliers shall strictly comply with the general regulations on data protection (where applicable) and all relevant national laws and regulations on privacy protection. Accelink does not permit any violation of privacy protection regulations.

Principle of sunshine procurement

Accelink is committed to creating a fair, just, and transparent environment for “sunshine procurement,” and has “zero tolerance” toward bribery and corruption.

Accelink’s suppliers must sign the Agreement on Honest and Clean Cooperation, and are prohibited from any conducting any form of bribery.

Risk warning

We remind all suppliers and potential suppliers to beware of anyone posing as an employee of Accelink or as an employee’s family member who claims facilitation fees to help an enterprise become a supplier or secondary supplier of Accelink, and to resolutely resist any attempt or practice of soliciting bribes, commissions, or kickbacks. Please keep in mind that Accelink will not be liable for any illegal acts of a third party, and we reserve the right to take legal action to protect our business and reputation.

In case of any such circumstance, please click “Complaints and Feedback” and submit your complaints and feedback.

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